Frequently Asked Questions

Upon qualification of the fundamental course you should have a good understanding of the laws pertaining Licenses, Health and Safety regulations.
You will be issued with a “ Cosmetic Tattoo Academy of Australia ” Certificate of Completion. Upon joining, our graduates are immediately eligible for Level 1 Standing with the APAA (Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia). You can progress to Higher Levels of Industry Recognition once you have gained experience.
We recommend TheSparrowGroup. Phone (07) 55 028 326 and ask for Sue Sparrow.
To book your training, fill in the application form under Contact Us in the Downloads area. Fill in the date that suits you best with the required deposit. You can apply now by clicking here

Upon receipt of the application form and your deposit, we will contact you and confirm your enrolment. After we have received full payment, we will forward your Theory Manual to you, so that you have ample time to browse through the manual and familiarize yourself with new phrases and basic concepts.

Skin needling is a technique designed to increase the skins own natural collagen formation.
This procedure is designed to camouflage scarring and pigmented areas. The pigments are matched to resemble the natural tones.
This is a dry needling technique that flatten or relaxe uneven scar tissue.
Repigmentation is designed to insert skin colour back into an area that has lost its natural melanin.
These are two completely different techniques. Eyebrow hairstrokes are strokes that resemble hairs, whilst Eyebrow shading is more of a defined result. Its dependant on the individuals preference although both techniques look great and are popular.
Yes. Ella provides on going support to all of her students. She makes herself available via email and on a 24 hour toll free number for any concerns.
Yes! On the training day that offers eyeliner, you will have the opportunity to watch and complete an eyelash enhancement on your model.
A test patch is done prior to the procedure to assess the colour match, suitability and absorption of the pigment.
Lipline follows your own lipline. With a lip blend, we first follow your lipline, then blend the lipline partially into the lip.
If you wish, you can supply your own models. However, if you are unable to do not wish to supply your own models, we will organise models for you at no additional cost. Please let us know as soon as possible whether you are supplying your own models so we can organise whichever models you require.