Advanced Course

paramedical | Cosmetic-Tattoo Academy

Paramedical Course $2000.00
(1 day course)

We offer 20% off areola and camouflage pigments if purchased during the course.  

You will be provided with a Paramedical Manual which will be handed out at the beginning of the course.

Receive 10% off any advanced courses when booked with the fundamental course.
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Models provided at no additional charge (Subject to availability).

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During the Advanced Paramedical course we wil cover the process required to camouflage vitiligo and various types of scarring, including face lift scars, hypertrophic scars, and burns scarring. The course also includes information on areola and nipple creation.
In addition to this, you will learn the technique of skin needling; A highly popular treatment which stimulates the skin’s natural healing response to produce collagen.


  • Nipple areola creation
  • Re Pigmentation (vitiligo)
  • Scar camouflage
  • Scar relaxation
  • Skin needling (multi tripannic collagen actuation)

* Please Note: If bringing your own camera, please ensure you know how to take close up, in focus photos. Unfortunately, the Cosmetic Tattoo Academy Australia will not supply any client photos should you forget to bring a camera.

During all courses, we will organise and confirm models at no charge to you (subject to availability). However, we can take no responsibility for models failing to turn up at their allocated times. Should this happen, we will endeavour to organise another model on that same day at another time at no additional cost to you.