Advanced Course

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Advanced Eyeliner $2000
– Smudged – Shading – Designer –
Dixon Technique
(1 day course)


You will be provided with an eyeliner manual which will be handed to you at the beginning of the course.

Receive 10% off any advanced courses when booked with the fundamental course.
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Models provided at no additional charge.

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Smudged Eyeliner
(BYO materials)

In this course you will learn to achieve a smudged look by applying eyeliner, then a special pigment is applied to achieve a muted effect. This look is particuarly suited to those who do not wish to have a definate line.


(BYO materials)

Upper and Lower eyelid shading is getting more and more popular. Popular shading colours are brown, grey, green and blue. Normally shading is done above the upper eyeliner and below the lower eyeliner and provides a sexy sultry look. Shape and density of the shading depends on the clients preference.


Designer Eyeliner
(BYO materials)

In this course you will learn to enhance the look of your client’s eyes by designing an eyeliner especially for their particular eye shape.
Course includes informaton on:

  • Correcting droopy eyes, slanted eyes, big eyes, small eyes, close set eyes, far set eyes etc.
  • Common mistakes
  • Correcting mistakes
  • Choosing an eyeliner colour
  • Eyeliner extensions (tails)
  • When not to use extensions (tails)
  • Canthus area
  • Tear duct
  • Wet line
  • Aftercare
  • Follow up treatment

* Please Note: If bringing your own camera, please ensure you know how to take close up, in focus photos. Unfortunately, the Cosmetic Tattoo Academy Australia will not supply any client photos should you forget to bring a camera.

During all courses, we will organise and confirm models at no charge to you. However, we can take no responsibility for models failing to turn up at their allocated times. Should this happen, we will endeavour to organise another model on that same day at another time at no additional cost to you.