Celebrity Eye Brows ~ Then and Now

by Samantha Johnson
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Eyebrow patterns come and go, and there’s no one better to laugh at or cringe with than our favourite celeb and her brows of yesteryear. Get ready to see some of the big skills in plucking.

For lots of stuff, the ’90s was a good period. The music was banging, hair accessories were praised and not frowned on, boy bands were at their undisputed height, but eyebrows were certainly not perfect for one thing in the 1990s.
The mixture of beauty trends and the power of celebrities caused us to whittle down our natural brows to tiny lines, a process from which some of us never recovered. And it’s an uphill battle for us, given current brow patterns call for bushy, fluffy eyebrows virtually undisturbed by the touch of tweezers.

Now, celebrities let their eyebrows grow, which has undoubtedly added time to their routines of beauty. Gone are the days of drawing over your eye a single line to fill in what’s there. Now, a good game with a brow requires serious commitment. These days, majestic eyebrows are everywhere, but they were wispy, over-plucked strings only a decade ago. You know what a drastic difference your arches make to your face if you’ve ever grown out of them. Fuller brows also make the owner look younger, and the results of a facelift can even be falsified by a well-groomed pair of brows. And these days many women are using the ever popular Cosmetic Tattoo Eyebrows to enhance and fill in their sparse brows with clever techniques like feather Brows and Micro-blading.

We dread to think which of the fads of today will come back in the future to haunt us (extreme contouring, maybe?), but if we come out looking as gorgeous as these ladies, with those incriminating Facebook images, we’ll be OK. With grace, these celebrities survived the times and now rock bold, elegant arches. We’re almost surprised by the way many of the stars look so different. We know that some of the snaps span 20 years, but these photos are a true testimony to the transformative power of the brow.

Jessica Alba
Jessica ‘s latest, fuller brow look, you’re digging. Jessica Alba is known for having some of the company’s finest brows. She’s pretty much added a whole new row of hair now compared to back then, as well as darkened them with either a pencil or maybe even tinted them.

Gwen Stefani
Do you remember when they were famous with very thin eyebrows? During No Doubt ‘s Return of Saturn age, Stefani ‘s super-skinny arches couldn’t even compete with the full set she has today. Lucky for humanity, the 90’s pencil-only look was just a phase.

Kylie Jenner
To achieve her bold and glamorous looks, Kylie Jenner uses four beauty items every day. In order to better describe the form, she walked her fans through her routine and began by filling her brows with liner, then she outlined them with concealer. She took a loose setting powder afterwards and baked them and then lined them up with clear brow gel.

Miley Cyrus
No stranger to dramatic picture transformations is Miley Cyrus. Although its usually her amazing hair and costume transformations, the singer-songwriter once bleached her blond brows to the point of almost invisibility. We love the singer is feeling secure enough to play with her hair and makeup, and while this is undoubtedly a look not for the faint-hearted, we can’t wait to see what Cyrus does next!

Drew Barrymore
Every teenage girl of the 90’s took inspiration from Drew’s pencil on eyebrows. The 43-year-old actress, who recently launched her own Flower Beauty cosmetic line, has admitted that she liked her plucked eyebrows in the 90s style even more than the fuller brow she now sports.

Megan Fox
Brows remained ultra-thin well into the noughties. Megan Fox has always a classic arch to her brows, although she sports a much fuller look these days which many women desire to attain.

Demi Lovato
We can’t get enough of how perfectly formed the eyebrows of Demi Lovato are! The singer-songwriter has displayed her perfect pair of brows and everyone wants to know her secret. Demi Lovato shared a picture on Instagram of her microbladed brows, making her the newest celebrity to debut her permanent makeup.

Since we can’t go a week without our Instagram feeds being blown up by a new eyebrow trend, and many bloggers have swapped arches for squiggles, fishtails and barbed wire. with the dramatic arches of the 1920s, to the 60’s with the short and mod style, into the 90’s with thin and well plucked brows, and ending with today’s wildest creations. With that said, the bold brows won’t go anywhere for the time being, but as we roll well into the new decade, we’re excited to see the new eyebrow trends of the NEW 20’s

If there’s one facial characteristic that serves as a symbol of the times, it’s our eyebrows. Brows have an incredible capacity to provide proportion to our eyes, enhance our features and beautifully frame our faces. As far as brow patterns go, it is more important to find out what the right shape and shade for you is than to follow what you see all over Instagram. That said, if you feel tired of excessively sculpted, contoured arches, 2020 is going to be a good year for you, brow-wise at least. In comparison to being overdone, I think people would go through all the lengths to make their brows look as natural as possible.

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